Looking for Joe Reiling

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Posted by Michael Craft on October 05, 1999 at 11:46:15:

My name is Michael Craft. I'm 32 years old, and grew up in Dayton, OH. I have a wife, Agnes, and two daughters, Catherine (1.5 years old) and Elizabeth (5 months old). We currently live in Kettering, OH.

My grandmother's maiden name was Martha Redelberger. She had 3 siblings: Janie (sp?), Kay, and Richard (Dick). Martha married Howard Craft in the late 1930's and had five children: Bill, Tom (my father), Jack, Robert, and Jim. The family lived on Irving Ave. across from U.D. The five boys attended Holy Angels grade school and Chaminade High School. After Howard died from cancer in the early 1950's, Martha married a gentleman named Richard Muth. They had four children: Mary, Charles, Betty, and Michael, and lived on Ashland Ave. in Dayton's Belmont neighborhood. Mary married Al Scwartz in 1980, while Betty married Roger Turvey (I believe) in the early 1990's. All nine children live in and around Dayton, OH. Martha and Richard Muth are deceased.

Janie Redelberger married Gene Placke (sp?) and moved to Los Angeles, CA. Both are deceased. Kay Redelberger married Bill Kemper and had 8 children. Kay and Bill are also deceased. Dick Redelberger, the youngest of the four Redelberger children, married Marieta (sp?) and had two children. Both Dick and Marieta are still alive and living in a rest home in Beavercreek, but in failing health.

Here's the primary reason I'm writing: I went to grade school (Incarnation) and high school (Alter) with Joe Reiling (my third cousin). Joe is my age (31 to 32), and I believe still lives around Dayton, OH. His father's name is Walter, a prominent medical doctor in the Dayton area. In our teen years Joe and I hung out together, got in trouble together, etc. I even remember tagging along with his family up to their Indian Lake cottage. I also remember the family lived in Centerville just east of Clyo Rd. Anyway, if anyone knows Joe's whereabouts and/or email address, I'd sure like to contact him.

Thank you,

Michael D. Craft,
Electronics Design Engineer
University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI)
300 College Park Ave.
Kettering Labs Building, room 554
Dayton, Ohio 45469-0152
phone: (937) 229-2707
fax: (937) 229-3433
E-mail: mcraft@udri.udayton.edu

P.S. My thanks to Joe Reiling on the west coast!

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