Changing the Subject in Messages!

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Posted by Dick - the Webmaster on November 09, 1999 at 12:23:48:

Just a little note about repsonding to messages on the Webpage. As you can see I often change the subject line with a clue to my response.

This is perfectly okay and you may change the subject line yourself by deleting the old and typing in the new subject. This will not affect where the response will still be a part of the original message (technically - part of the "thread")

Also, most of you have email aliases...they are quite easy to use and we can each communicate easier with these .... e.g. or

Some of the email addresses are easy to remember. Others with duplication will be less obvious. However, for all the "original" aunts and uncles, it will be the name we know them as:,,,

As for the "first" cousins this is also true...thus,,, etc. etc.

If you don't have an alias and would like one..please email me at ""

Somewhere below in this discussion page, I have listed a number of these email names and aliases....

I will, when I find more time, send out a complete list.

Use and enjoy, Dick

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