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Posted by Family Tree -homework assignment- Nichole Reiling on December 08, 1999 at 20:36:07:

Dear family,
Your assistance is needed for a school science project for my neice, Jane "Nichole" Reiling in St. Louis. She called tonight with questions about siblings and parents on both sides of "Edith and Charles". I referred her to our famous website, which she will look up at her library this week and I told her I would post the inquiry tonight. I have printed the family history story from Dick's conversation with Aunt Mary (Nov. 14, 1999) and will snail mail it to her. However, does anyone have any dates of birth/ death for the siblings Lil and George? How about names of the parents for each? Who came over on the Mayflower? (Tee-hee- just kidding- my dad said the Reilings took that trip abroad and that my mother dated George Washington and baby sat for Abraham Lincoln!)
All kidding aside, if anyone out there can help add to the history, I'm sure Nichole and inquiring minds will want to know!
Love, (Aunt) Jill

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