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Posted by Dick - the Rememberer!!!..sort of ! on December 12, 1999 at 21:55:04:

In Reply to: Uncle Walt vs Phil Donahue posted by Dan on December 12, 1999 at 12:10:59:

I am not sure of what the controversy between Phil Donahue and Dad was but
I suspect it dealt with something about male-female relationships as Dad often
talked with PTAs about teaching their children. I also know that there was a
big controversy about the Incarnation Church which was the pride and joy of
Father Kelleher, a good friend of Liz's parents, and Phil Donahue was the
head of the parish council or the PTA at that time. Nevertheless, Dad did not
have a lot of good to say about Phil's "theology."

As for the "Cadillac"//// Sometime about 1953 he took out a ticket on a $50
raffle at UD. The car was to be given during a dinner-drawing in
which the 150th and 300th drawn ticket would be winners. (Figure the math
and you will see what a Caddy was worth in 1953,,,,which also included money
for UD.) Anyway, Dad frequently went to the Men's Retreat at Milford, which
is a Jesuit Retreat House just East of Cincinnati and would not be able to
attend the drawing-dinner. He told Mom that she should expect a call from UD
on Saturday nite and tell her that he had won the Caddy. And that is what
happened. He apparently arrived home on Sunday afternoon and we were all
waiting for him...and he arrived and was not surprised that he had won...must
be something about a Jesuit Retreat.
He took the "won" car and with some extra cash made a deal with Bob Simmons of
Simmons Cadillac on North Main and purchased the blue caddy that we all remember
him driving. Interestingly enough my father-in-law also won a Caddy on some
philantropic raffle about the same time. Liz and I have been unsuccessful since


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